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Blade Runner Enthusiasts take to the camera!

Listed below are fan-created films shared on YouTube,Vimeo, Metacafe, Revver and Dailymotion. 

A new breed of Blade Runner fandom has been unleashed!



XXIT from Stargate Studios on Vimeo.

This short film pays tribute to Blade Runner.

XXIT is the work of Stargate Studios, a production company that has done visual effects work for The Walking Dead, The Event, Heroes and several other shows. XXIT is about a condemned BioClone (or Replicant, really) who goes back in time to present-day San Francisco, to save the human her DNA was duplicated from, or rather her duplicate's boyfriend. 

Blade Runner - Game Trailer

Unreal Tournament 2003 - Matinee scene
by Ville-Pekka Vainio / Hennu


Blade Runner Alternate Beginning
Blade Runner Storyboard intro animatic


Blade Runner, Art and Passion from Jack Moreno on Vimeo.


Blade Runner GH-1 from Todd Norris on Vimeo.

Todd Norris wrote:
The lighting in "blade runner" was instrumental in my desire to make films. jordan cronenweth's cinematography of that film was ahead of its time, and still looks great today. i did my best to recreate the look of one scene i've always found particularly beautiful. for years, i've wanted to do this scene. now, with the gh-1, i finally did it! 
and, in a casting coup, speed levitch plays deckard. you may know speed from films like "the cruise", "waking life", and from the cartoon series "stroker & hoop".
shot using a nikon 24mm and a nikon 35mm prime. gh-1 set to the smooth setting. contrast at minus 2. 200 iso, shutter speed 1/50th, lens at f2.0. white balance set to tungsten (the light bulb icon). 1080p 24p. converted to apple pro res in fcp. pulldown removed with jes deinterlacer. graded with fcp color corrector 3-way filter and magic bullet looks.

don't expect a complete story, or even a complete scene. it's just a lighting experiment. 

Blade Runner: The Rock Project
La caccia live@Locanda Blues Roma
MEMORY ~ Blade Runner: The Rock Project

Fears End's Innertopia
Blade Runner not only inspired the song Innertopia, by singer/songwriter Scott McClure, but also inspired a lot of his songs and musical vision. Here is his tribute to this classic film.


14 Ciudadano Kien - Rajoy en Blade Runner - Funny bloopers are a click away

Es una parodia de la escena final de Blade Runner pero tiene miga, conviene escuchar atentamente y tomar nota.


Do Androids Dream of a Blush Response?
Produced by Rudy Jahchan & Casey McKinnon Written & Directed by Rudy Jahchan
Special Effects and Editing by Casey McKinnon Starring Dave Noiseux Casey McKinnon
With Music by Galactic Anthems.  Inspired by Blade Runner.
[ RATED PG-13  For its sexual innuendo. ]

VIDEO available at their website:

Blade Runner (End Titles) Theme (Flyover shots reconstructed)

The theme of the film "Blade Runner" (1982), composed by Vangelis.

It is only heard during the end titles of the movie, along with some flyover shots (outtakes) from Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining". Unfortunately they don't last long enough to enjoy it so I tried to gather some similar scenes to combine them with Vangelis's music.

Flyover shots from the films: The Shining, Koyaanisqatsi, Chronos, Winged Migration & Mar Adentro.

Blade Runner - unused scenes montage
This is a video originally posted on BladeZone last year. Its not a video masterpiece, infact it was originally a private project for myself to get to grips with adobe premiere. After scanning the net and taking clips from the workprint, I then placed them together and added the music score. Checkout the Rachael's music score near the end that fits the video of her playing the piano.
~ Gary(Nails6365) C.


BRONCOVIZ: Blade Runner

Broncoviz BladeRunner by Twiggy_71

Hai presente un grosso cane? Stessa cosa!

BR- Parody Translated to English.

Holden: What's your name?

Leon: Leon Kowalski McNamara... do you mind if I smoke?

H: It won't affect the test.

H: At a cocktail bar they give you a Martini with a German Shepherd, instead of the olive...

L: German Shepherd? What's that?

H: Know what a big dog is?

L: No.

H: Same thing.

L: That part of the test?

H: No, just warming you up, that's all.



“I was hired by Tyrell Corp. to kill four Replicants who escaped from an Off-World colony. Four damned Nexus robots which look so much like human beings. I was tired. I just wanted to finish this dirty job as soon as possible, and finally get to my real passion. [dumb voice. ed] …"Ethnic Dance!".


H: After the cocktail they give you Cat Carpaccio [Italian dish made of thin leafs of beef, with sauce. ed]…

L: Cat? What's that?

H: Know what a cat is?

L: No.

H: Same thing.

L: Is this the test now?

H: No, just warming you up, that's all.

L: Do you mind if I chew a gum?

H: It won't affect the test.

L: Can I also make bubbles?

H: Well, this would affect the test a bit, but ok.


[scene changes]


Deckard: Hey you! Stop there! Hands up!!! Get away from that woman sir. She's dangerous!!!

Woman: Oh my God! A robbery!!

Man: Please, keep calm! Here's my wallet. Take it. But, don't kill us!!

D: Get away, for God's sake!!!

M: Don't shoot!!!

D: You were warned!

(shot fired)

M: Oh my God!!! You shot my wife!!!

D: Keep calm. I’m a cop. And that was a Nexus Replicant! I'm gonna pull the lid and make you see its batteries right now. Et voilą, just flick this and the gears will start rolling.

M: What are you doing?! Are you crazy!?! Keep your hands off my wife!! Help!! Help!!



“I was wrong. And this wasn't the first time. That poor woman now was part of those 174 innocent people whos only fault was to look too damn much like Daryl Hannah. I was disgusted. But not a hint of the Replicants yet…


[back to V.K. test scene]


H: They offer you a part in the new upcoming Vanzina Bros. movie [Z-series crappy Italian movie makers. ed], in which your best line would be: "all'anima de li mortacci tua e de tu nonno" [Italian funny expression meaning something like: "Damn you and you grandpa". ed]...

L: Let me tell you about Vanzinas...

(shot fired)


[scene changes]


Roy: I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion…

Deckard: I’ve seen those too...

R: I watched C-beams glitter in the darkness at Tan Hauser Gate…

D: Yeah, crazy C-beams. I’ve seen those too...

R: And I've seen whole galaxies sucked up into black holes...

D: Oh, 'course, I've seen black holes my whole life...

R: You've seen black holes too? Oh… and what about this? [opens his trousers zip. ed]

D: Well, [gulp] actually I've never seen that...



A BIG thank you to Planta for the translation!

Cosmic Baby - A Tribute To Blade Runner

Blade Runner Chronicles
Trailers for the Blade Runner fan film shot in Tampa, Florida.
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Blade Runner recut

What if Woody Allen had done Blade Runner? Now we know. My continuing series of fake trailers.

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Arena - A day in the afterlife of Philip K. Dick.
A BBC documentary from 1994 about the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.