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A Penfield mood organ parody

The Penfield mood organ is a concept from the mind of Philip K. Dick he used in his book DADoES. This device is commonly referred to as "Penfield".  It is an artificial brain stimulator that one "dials".  It has many settings. There is a "schedule" that is preset by the individual for being in the ideal mood for whatever the occasion calls for.

More about the Penfield mood organ here.

Here, I'd like to introduce to you Bill and Val Barbour.  They are Rick Deckard's neighbours.  In the book  DADoES, Bill ownes a horse named Judy. It is during their conversation that we learn that Deckard's sheep is electric.
Through these comic strips we enter the world of Bill Barbour and see the impact the Penfield has on it. 

Bill Barbour

Val Barbour

Fred Graveson



Graveson's chicken

Ed Smith

Ed Smith's cat

Buster Friendly